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Sample Producer Sales/Compensation Report

How will I get paid as a Producer?

When your product sells, Froootpizza collects from the customer via PayPal. Given that there is no charge to Producers to post their solutions and material, Froootpizza charges Producers a flat 30% commission for each unit sold.  That commission will be reduced to 20% for best-selling solutions, beginning with the 101st net unit sold.

When will I get paid as a Producer?

Payments to Producers are initiated on the 10th of each month, following the reconciliation of the previous month.  Allow up to three days for the funds to settle in your account.


  • Your business had a total of 105 net units sold in the month of January.  Net unit sales are defined by total units sold minus any returns.   

  • Net sales totaled $3320.  

  • Four of the products had a combined revenue of $1320. These will be charged a flat commission of 30%.  

  • The fifth product is a best-seller, with revenue of $2000. Based on lifetime sales of over 100 units, this product qualifies for a reduced commission of 20%.

  •  Amount earned by your business is the standard 70% for the first set of products and 80% for the bestseller: ($1320 x .7) + ($2000 x .8) = $2524.

  • On February 10, Froootpizza will generate a payment to the Producer for $2524.

  • A Producer Sales Report based on the above scenario can be viewed below.

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