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Sales and Payment Information

After You Sell an Item


After you make a sale on Froootpizza, you can find all of the order details in your account. Froootpizza also sends a notification to the email address on file.  You may want to add to your contacts, so these emails don't go to your spam folder.

To view and manage your orders:

  1. On, click the Producer icon

  2. Click abc (Payment account)

  3. Click xyz 


How will I get paid?

When your product sells, Froootpizza collects the amount paid by the buyer. Given that there is no charge to a Producer to post their solutions and material, Froootpizza charges a flat 30% commission for most solutions.  

Froootpizza uses PayPal to collect from Buyers. Payments to the Producer are made on the 10th of each month, following the reconciliation of the previous month.  


  • You had seven sales January 1-31 for a total of $460. 

  • On February 4, one refund was issued for $40, leaving net sales of $420, of which 70% is due to the Producer.

  • On February 10, Froootpizza will generate a payment to the Producer for a total $294 ($420 x .7).

  • A detailed product sales report can be generated on demand.  A sample can be viewed using the link below.

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